Top Web3 Headlines This Week 8.19.2022

Brian Zwerner
2 min readAug 19, 2022

Here are the top web3 stories from this week.


More Web3 Activity from Sports and Entertainment Leaders

🏈 Dapper Labs continues to make moves. They hired Meta exec Nick Grudin and launched a new collab with the L.A. Rams. The Major League Soccer PA announced a new blockchain game with Splinterlands. Lastly, MTV is building a Metaverse space in Roblox after recently adding Best Metaverse Performance as a new category for their VMAs.

Capital Raised

CFTC and SEC Charge Bad Actors

💰 Two large web3 focused funds were announced this week. CoinFund added $300MM, and LongHash Ventures grew with $100MM new capital. DeFi startup Injective closed a $40MM financing. Fractional, an NFT platform, raised $20MM and renames itself Tessera.


CFTC and SEC Charge Bad Actors

⚖️ Government entities continue to chase the bad actors using Crypto for nefarious purposes. The CFTC went after the leader of Eidetic Capital for running a Ponzi scheme with his Bitcoin trading fund. The SEC is prosecuting the founder of DragonChain for selling unregistered securities with his $DRGN token that sold via ICO in 2017.


Coinbase CEO on Lex Fridman Podcast

🎙️ Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, joined the Lex Fridman podcast for a far-ranging discussion. They cover the founding story of the company, discuss how Cryptocurrencies get listed on Coinbase, regulation, and much more. It’s long but a great listen.

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