Top Web3 Headlines from This Week 10.13.2023

Brian Zwerner
2 min readOct 13, 2023

Here are the top web3 stories from this week.

Capital Raised

🚀 Coinbase Ventures leads the pack as the crypto VC firm with the highest activity, boasting a total of 372 deals to date.

💰 Membrane Labs, a crypto prime brokerage, raises $20Mn investment from prominent firms such as Brevan Howard, Point72, and Jane Street.

💼 Account Labs secures $7.7Mn in funding to advance its new Google-enabled crypto wallet, ​​UniPass Wallet.

🌐 Republik secures $6Mn in seed funding to support the development of its innovative Web3 social media application.

🏇 A startup Game of Silks, specializing in crypto-powered fantasy horse racing successfully raises $5Mn in funding.


💡 Immutable partners with Amazon Web Services to support the scalability of blockchain games.

🐵 Yuga Labs, the creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club, invests in a spatial computing startup, Hadean, that will help bring Yuga’s upcoming Otherside metaverse to life. In the same week, the company confirmed layoffs amid the evolving NFT market.

🤝 Kraken announces plans to acquire the Dutch exchange BCM, expanding its crypto offerings.

🖼️ OpenSea simplifies NFT minting with its no-code hub, making it more accessible to anyone.


🚀 Explosive allegations emerge as SBF’s ex-girlfriend Ellison claims he directed her to steal billions from FTX.

💰 Avalanche’s social app, Stars Arena, drained of $3Mn in AVAX after a hack.

🔒 Platypus Finance faces an exploit on the Avalanche network with an estimated loss of over $2Mn, raising concerns about DeFi security.

Diversity in Tech

💰 Amazon Catalytic Capital supports a total of eight venture capital funds that invest in underrepresented founders.

📜 California passes a law mandating VC firms to disclose investment diversity information, promoting transparency in the industry.

🌐 Aliavia Ventures closes new VC fund to invest in female-led startups, especially those that want to bridge the Australian and American markets.

🚀 The creators of Billionaire Boys Club establish a studio to empower diverse talent and creativity in the entertainment sector.

🏈 Chad Ochocinco Johnson joins Black venture capital firm Cxmmunity Media, in its mission to ‘Diversify The Gaming Industry’.

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