Top Web3 Headlines from This Week 08.11.2023

Brian Zwerner
2 min readAug 11


Here are the top web3 stories from this week.


PayPal Bringing a Stablecoin, but X Won’t

🚀 PayPal is launching a stablecoin token. Musk’s X is going the other way, saying no token is coming for the former Twitter app. A partnership was announced between Microsoft and the Aptos blockchain for AI and web3. NFT platform Nifty’s is shutting down.

Capital Raised

Three New Web3 Funds

💰 Investment firm L1 Digital closed a $152MM VC fund. The Monetary Authority of Singapore announces a $112MM tech fund with a Crypto focus. Born Ready launched a $50MM VC fund and studio for metaverse and web3 investments. Web3 security startup raises $8.2MM. Crypto wallet Xverse grows with $5MM funding.


The SEC is Still Coming Hard for Crypto

⚖️ The SEC is appealing the Crypto favorable ruling in the Ripple ($XRP) case. They also took action to freeze the assets from DEBT Box and accuses the crypto miner of running a $50MM fraud.

Atlanta Web3 Expo

New Event and Founder Opportunity

🗓️ W3 Studio has partnered with other leading Atlanta web3 organizations (Atlanta Blockchain Center, 404 DAO and Solidity ATL) on the Atlanta Web3 Expo event taking place on September 28th. You can register free to attend here. Also, web3 founders can apply for our pitch event and expo here.

Diversity in Tech

Stories of Diverse Founders, VCs, and Builders

💪🏽 U.S. government announces $125MM for 43 business accelerators supporting underserved communities. Spotlight articles on Black-led Atlanta startups Calendly and GoSayHello.

Atlanta Blockchain Center and W3 Studio have partnered for the next Immutable Founders Program. If you run a web3 startup here in Atlanta, please apply.

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