Top 3 Stories From Web3 This Week 2.9.2024

Brian Zwerner
2 min readFeb 9, 2024

Here are three web3 stories you need to know from this week.

The Hedera blockchain focuses on enterprise adoption, and they partnered this week with the Saudi government on a $250MM project to catalyze web3 development in the region. The DeepTech Venture Studio will work with local Saudi companies and international ones to create new solutions. Story here.

In the waning moments of FTX as a functioning entity, there was a $400MM hack that rumors attributed to SBF and his inside circle. It turns out three U.S. hackers pulled off a SIM swap and gained access to the exchange’s funds. They were charged this week. Story here.

The new “IT” product in web3 is Frames on Farcaster. The decentralized social network added the Frames mini games product, and hundreds of developers have jumped in with cool offerings. DAU on Farcaster spiked from a few thousand to 30K+ in the past few days. Story here.

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