Meet Immutable Cohort 3

Brian Zwerner
4 min readJan 9, 2024

The Atlanta Blockchain Center and W3 Studio host diverse founders building Crypto and web3 startups here in Atlanta in our Immutable incubator program. Our goal is to find innovative projects and talent to help develop, execute and scale their ideas. The program is built around ten in-person education classes. Founders are then matched with mentors to help accelerate growth.

The third cohort graduated in the fourth quarter of 2023, and we wanted to share them with you here.

Dapphub by Travis Sherman

Dapphub provides a unified platform for accessing and managing decentralized applications (dApps), eliminating the need for cumbersome browser extensions or multiple applications. The product is live in Alpha today and new features are being rapidly added. Founder Travis Sherman recently graduated from Morehouse College with a computer science degree, and he turned down a lucrative job offer with a tech giant to pursue this dream.

GoSayHello by Monte Applewhite

GoSayHELLO enables users to discover nearby people, businesses, and events with similar interests within a minute’s walk. Their app connects users with the right people, in the same place, at the same time. The company was built with a significant grant from the Algorand blockchain and has seen thousands of users to date. Founder Monte Applewhite, an engineering graduate of NC A&T, leads the team building this community startup. You can hear from Monte on this podcast.

Nursebloc by Sharonda Davis

Nursebloc is an all-in-one destination for nurses to elevate their careers. They help nurses value their own well-being just as much as they value the well-being of their patients. This web3 community will provide onchain verification of credentials and much more. The business is in Alpha and will be growing new features soon. Founder Sharonda Davis is a nurse with two decades of experience serving patients. She’s passionate about Crypto and has been teaching other nurses about blockchain for years.

Project Pi by Vandale Callender and Christopher Powell

Project Pi is a Hybrid Node-as-a-Service (hNaaS) platform, providing instant API access to full nodes across multiple blockchains. They have launched Stake PLS to allow users to earn validator rewards or become a decentralized node operator on the Pulsechain blockchain. Led by two technical, Crypto native co-founders, Vandale Callender and Christopher Powell, the company is moving rapidly to deploy more solutions to their growing customer base. You can meet the team on this podcast.

REAI by James Wang

REAI is your AI guide to your real estate journey. They have launched Al-powered features for homeowners, agents, and buyers. Blockchain solutions are in the pipeline and will be coming next year. CEO James Wang leads a team with a strong technical background that is bringing new features to their expanding group of users.

Skylark by Joe Lewis and Charles Berry

Skylark allows brands and small businesses to supercharge their engagement with web3 and generative AI experiences. Their platform allows for the creation of customized art for businesses to share with their customers. This is used for data collection and engagement solutions to power growth. Their product is in Alpha with big plans for 2024. Skylark is led by Joe Lewis, who handles the tech, and Charles Berry, who focuses on customers and growth.

The fourth Immutable cohort will kick off this month with a new group of amazing founders. We’ll be sharing the details later this quarter. Applications for the fifth cohort will open in the Spring. Make sure to subscribe to the EMPOW3R newsletter and follow W3 Studio on Twitter to stay up to date.

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