Jordan Harold of Blackchain on Diverse Web3 Builders

Brian Zwerner
3 min readAug 15, 2023


For years with Beyond The Game Network, we’ve talked about how athletes make great entrepreneurs. Today on the Diverse Web3 Builders podcast, I interview Jordan Harold from Blackchain — a new Layer 1 blockchain to support the Black community.

Jordan discussed how his experience with football instilled him with discipline and hard work. He grew up playing the sport in Missouri and in college at a Division II school on a football scholarship. However, he felt he could perform at a higher level and took a leap of faith with a transfer to University of Missouri. The Tigers didn’t offer him a scholarship initially, but his resilience paid off when he later earned one and ended his career there as a team captain.

After college, he pursued opportunities to play professionally. He was not selected in the NFL Draft but played with Team USA in China. He had a viral moment when he stood outside the Carolina Panthers stadium with a sign that said, “Will pass rush for hot wings”. The stunt worked, and it helped Jordan stay in the game with a new contract in the Canadian Football League. I first met Jordan later while he was playing in the Fan Controlled Football (FCF) league.

Jordan always had an entrepreneurial streak. When he was younger, he sold steak knives door-to-door with Cutco. While still playing football, he launched a lifestyle brand called Elevated Being as a direct-to-consumer business. With the leadership skills he refined in sports, Jordan had the tools to find the right partners and grow.

He got his first exposure to Crypto when the $DOGE coin started to moon. Jordan bought early after hearing about the token from a teammate at Missouri. He evangelized the token there and later in the locker room at FCF.

Jordan was doing some personal training in Florida between his football seasons, and a conversation about Bitcoin with one of his clients led to the idea for Blackchain. Between sets, they came up with the concept of a token that would be built to benefit the Black community. They drew on the history of Black Wall Street in Tulsa for further inspiration. A portion of all transactions on Blackchain will be used to support communities of color.

To prove the use of this new token, Blackchain began hosting events starting with their NFT Fashion Showcase. Jordan partnered with clothing designers to bring models to the runway in South Florida this summer. They launched NFTs on Blackchain to commemorate the designers and the event.

If Jordan’s story motivates you, please check out the Blackchain token and help him get the word out. He is also looking for creators and designers that believe in the mission and want to partner with Blackchain on future events.

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