Immutable Founder Wins Q1 2024

Brian Zwerner
2 min readApr 2, 2024

The Atlanta Blockchain Center and W3 Studio host diverse founders building Crypto and web3 startups here in Atlanta in our Immutable incubator program. Our goal is to find innovative projects and talent to help develop, execute and scale their ideas. The program is built around ten in-person education classes. Founders are then matched with mentors to help accelerate growth. You can see a full list of the 20 founders that have completed our four cohorts here. Founders looking to join our next class in the fall can apply now.

In Q1 2024, our founders made big strides in growing their businesses. Here are some highlights.

Xsauce by Zach Miller C2

Selected for Techstars Oakland. Our first graduate joining our partner Techstars.

Project Pi by Vandale Callender and Christopher Powell C3

Launched $PLS staking product with over $200K from customers. Won Pulsechain Foundation $5,000 pitch event in Vegas. Guests on the Discourse Syndicate, Crypto Open Mic, and Axis Alive podcasts.

RevereXR by Yolanda Barton C1

Presented at NVIDIA GTC conference. Pitched at NFLPA Super Bowl event. Participated in WOCCON Summit. Hosted a hackathon.

Instarails by Yamini Sagar C4

Selected for Future of Tech Is Inclusive Powered by Amex Ventures & Goodie Nation. Named FoundersBeta Top 100 Companies to Watch and Founderspress 10 Companies that are Scaling.. Will present at Finovate conference.

Klearcoat Labs by Keith Wilson C1

Published demo of Helix game play.

FanFundr by Drew Williams C2

Sold out Alexander Hurley pop up event.

Shown Live by Shayna Stewart C4

Featured in USA Today article. Guest on the Atlanta Startup podcast.

Keyspace Studio by Jonathan Hessing C4

Launched Keyspace Studio Collective program. Guest on Change Makers podcast.

GoSayHello by Monte Applewhite C3

Featured on FGTV segment.

Subsume by Dedren Snead C4

Completed Nigeria trip with Stellar Development Foundation.

Wedge by Jeremiah Long C1

Received grant from Atlanta Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Network.

Our nonprofit W3 Studio is a 501c3 charitable organization. You can support us by donating online here or by purchasing an NFT membership pass here. Also, check out our list of pitch competitions, grant programs, and other founder resources here.

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